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Cheddar Valley Community Church

Cheddar Valley Community Church is a charitable company limited by guarantee in England and Wales.

Charity No 1166903, Company Reg No 10135450

Friday evenings - The Blend….More>>>

Every Friday for ages 12+ to enjoy time together just having fun, being family and mixing with people from all different walks of life……

Summer holidays

The youth group are never bored over summer- in fact this is the busiest time of the year. They seem to love port-a-loos and mud so much that they regularly spend two weeks at Christian camps- this includes serving on team at New Wine and worshiping with thousands of young Christians at Soul Survivor.


To date the youth group have done two international missions. The team raised their own funds to visit and work in orphanages and schools in both Uganda and India. In Uganda they painted classrooms, taught students and hosted a party for the children. In India the team led services for the children of the school, the seminary students and in churches around the city. Who knows where they’ll go next!


Meetings at a glance:

Sunday mornings 10.30-12.00 at the Kings of Wessex Academy

Sunday evening 6.00pm  - 8.00pm - Worship and Prayer @ North Street Chapel

2nd & 4th Thursday evening 7.30pm - 10.30pm - Encounter @ North Street Chapel

Friday evening 7.30pm - 10.30pm - The Blend @ The Cafe

Sunday mornings

We consider the youth group to be part of the adult congregation, so they are free to stay with the main church for the whole service. Alternatively, a bible study is provided which is more discussion based. The youth group are an essential part of Sunday mornings- many serve the church on the worship, set-up and kids teams.

Movement Worship Nights - bi-monthly - Sunday evening @ 6.30pm

Movement at its core has a desire to be a catalyst for unity amongst Youth & Young Adults. Across rural and small town Britain there are thousands of churches with small handfuls of young people scattered between them. Meetings are every other month, for details please look at their web site.


Sunday evenings - The Blend…on wheels!

This is when we take The Blend on wheels for guys and girls who are wanting to take that next step on in their relationship with Jesus. We go to different places to go get a wider view of Christianity and for them to express and discover their own relationship with Him. We are excited about these nights.