Statement of Faith

A more detailed statement of belief….

Jesus Christ: the Son of God who became man. This is the Jesus we read about in the Bible, He actually existed and walked on this earth and is the only way to God. He was killed on a cross by the religious leaders of the time, and on that cross, He took the punishment that our sin deserves. His death is the only way we can be forgiven and once again enjoy a relationship with God. We believe that the day will come when He will return to judge the world. Those who trust in Him will inherit eternal life, those who do not will endure eternal punishment.

God: The Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth. He consists of three persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, yet HE IS ONE

Salvation: when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, turn from our old life and start to live His way, God forgives our sin and we receive the promise that we will live eternally with Him. This is a free gift from God, it cannot be earned by doing good things, going to church or giving lots of money.

Sin: is where we ignore God and live our lives our way without Him and do things that offend God. This separates us from God because He cannot bear to look upon sin. We believe that the punishment sin deserves is death.

The Holy Spirit: is a person, His job is to show us our sin, and who Jesus is. He brings us to the point where we accept Jesus’ death on the cross. He comes to live with us when we believe and trust in the Lord Jesus, and His presence is our guarantee of salvation. We believe that God gives us gifts by the Holy Spirit to support, help and encourage one another in the faith, and to help us live our lives as Jesus would want us to.

The Church: is not a building. We believe that all Christians all over the world are brothers and sisters, and that we, together, are Jesus’ hands and feet on the earth. We are all members of His church, He is our head and we are all responsible to Him. We believe that it is necessary for all Christians to be involved in a local church to love, encourage and support each other.

The Bible: is quite literally God speaking to us. We believe God has revealed himself to us in this book and that we find him and get to know Him better as we read it. We believe the writers were men of their time, but that they were divinely inspired by God, and we accept its authority in all matters.

The Devil: is a rebellious angelic being [also known as Satan], who seeks to oppose all that God wants to do in our lives, and leads all the forces of evil in the world today. Ultimately, he is defeated because of Jesus’ death on the cross, and he will be judged by Jesus.

Our Lives: Jesus put it most simply when he said, “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength”. He also said, “love your neighbour as yourself”. James also writes that our faith should be seen in the way we live. To put it simply, if we call ourselves Christians, it is important that we live like Christians. We believe that this is a responsibility for all Christians. We also believe that God gives us the help to do this through His Holy Spirit.