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Cheddar Valley Community Church

Cheddar Valley Community Church is a charitable company limited by guarantee in England and Wales.

Charity No 1166903, Company Reg No 10135450

1. What should I wear?

Anything you like and feel comfortable in. There’s no need to wear your best clothes or even anything remotely stylish. Some of our congregation will be wearing socks and sandals, and you can’t get much worse than that!

How early should I arrive?

We’d love to say that we start at 10.30am sharp but that would be wholly untrue! Christians and people from Somerset don’t have a great reputation for being on time- the combination of both leads to a very casual approach to punctuality. Aim to get here for 10.25, that will give you a chance to grab a coffee and a decent seat.

Where can I sit?

Anywhere you like. Just like in musical chairs, if there’s an empty seat you can sit in it. (Don’t worry, we won’t start removing chairs during the worship!)

My kids are really noisy, can I bring them?

Please do, I can guarantee they aren’t as loud as some of our adults! We love it when people express themselves exuberantly in their worship of God, so our meetings can seem to be noisy and chaotic to the casual observer – noisy children will fit right in!

Do I need to bring a Bible?

If you have one, great, it will help you to follow the preaching. Don’t worry if you’ve left yours at home (you could try getting your phone out and pretending you have a bible app, but the people behind you will notice if you start playing angry birds)

Is there anywhere to park?

Yes, we meet in Kings of Wessex Academy and get to use the school car park.

Why is that guy speaking in a strange language?

If this happens during the worship then you are probably witnessing someone speaking in tongues, a supernatural prayer language. If this happens during coffee time, you could just be speaking to someone with a very thick Somerset accent. In this case just keep smiling and nodding.

Are there toilets?

Yes; Male, Female and Accessible. What more could you want?

Is the coffee and cake free?

Yes, but you’ll have to fight Julie Reynard for a millionaire’s shortbread.

Why is a bowl full of money being passed around?

This is the collection, if you would like to give then please put your money in the bowl. There is no compulsion to put anything in.

Why do you keep talking about lions/waterfalls/trees/winds?

Christians say weird things sometimes. Often we use picture language to describe God. Feel free to lean over to your neighbour and politely ask them what what on earth they mean by ‘waterfalls of healing’

Do I have to join in with the singing?

No. We hope that you will join us in singing when you feel comfortable. The words to the songs are projected onto a screen in front of you. Singing in tune is optional.