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Cheddar Valley Community Church

Cheddar Valley Community Church is a charitable company limited by guarantee in England and Wales.

Charity No 1166903, Company Reg No 10135450

Ever since the early church, Christians have used the symbols of bread and wine to remind them of Jesus’ death for them on the cross. It is a simple, yet deeply meaningful way of remembering Him.

Communion reminds us of…

1. Jesus’ death on the cross. The bread and wine being symbols of His body broken and His blood spilled for us.

2. God’s promise of forgiveness of sins because of what Jesus did on the cross.

3. The presence of Jesus in the church today.

4. The oneness of all believers -sharing one loaf, drinking from one cup worshipping one lord as one family.

Any Christian (member or not) may share in communion with us. Whether children participate is left to the discretion of their parents. We would ask that parents make sure that their child understands the significance of this practice before allowing them to share in the communion, and that they give it to the children themselves.