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Cheddar Valley Community Church

Cheddar Valley Community Church is a charitable company limited by guarantee in England and Wales.

Charity No 1166903, Company Reg No 10135450

Our Vision

We believe God wants a highway for His Kingdom and glory through the Cheddar Valley and He has called us, with others, to be part of this.

Our Valley

God has given us this area to work in; it is our Jerusalem (Acts 1:8). We do have a vision to reach the nations but our home is the Cheddar Valley.

Our Community

We are a church committed to reaching our local community. We seek to bring a Christian perspective to village life, and are committed to social action that will find expression in local situations.

Our Church

We are a family of Christians who love Jesus and want to follow Him together. We have been called together so that we can pray, break bread, share fellowship, receive teaching and tell others about the joy of following Jesus (Acts 2:42ff)